How to Treat Frequent Urination at Night in Pyelonephritis

When people have pyelonephritis, they can get frequent urination at night. This impedes their sleep and causes fatigue. They wonder why this happens and how to treat frequent urination at night in pyelonephritis.

Pyelonephritis means upper urinary tract infection. Some renal issues and cells are damaged. In chronic pyelonephritis, there are many complications such as low-grade fever, backache, anorexia, etc. Among them, frequent urination at night commonly happens to patients. That’s because pyelonephritis can cause inflammation in kidney. When there’s inflammation, it will reduce the feeling of nerves. Then the feeling of urinary becomes excited to excrete urine frequently with few amount. Frequent urine often comes with urgent urination and odynuria. Chronic pyelonephritis is a significant cause of renal insufficiency.

To treat frequent urination at night in pyelonephritis. We have an efficient therapy. That is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It is a therapy which uses traditional Chinese medicine as foundation to treat disease. Chinese medicine is permeated into kidney through certain instruments to resist inflammation in kidneys. It takes effect to enlarge vessels in order to improve the blood circulation of whole body. Accordingly, the microcirculation of kidney accelerates. The toxins can be excreted quickly. This provides a very beneficial environment for damaged renal issues to repair. When the issues of kidney repair, kidneys function well, then the frequent urination will reduce and even disappear.

Moreover, this therapy has other advantages. For example, patients won’t have to take medicines orally. This can avoid some side effects. The therapy is convenient and comfortable. So patients can enjoy it during reading, drinking, resting, etc.

In daily life, patients should take high-heat and high-vitamin diet which is easy to digest. Much water is needed so as to increase urination to wash urinary tract thus can discharge bacteria and infected cells out. They are suggested to increase immunity through proper exercises, too.

If you or your friends are having frequent urination at night in pyelonephritis and need a way to release it, please contact us. You can send us e-mail or leave a message below.


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