How to Treat Swelling in Glomerulonephritis

How to Treat Swelling in GlomerulonephritisSome patients in glomerulonephritis discover they have swelling at their eyelids in the morning. While in some severe condition, patients can have swelling all over their bodies. They can feel much pain and inconvenient in their life. How to treat swelling in glomerulonephritis?

First, let us know about glomerulonephritis. It is a disease referring to immune complex depositing in glomerulus and then can cause hyperplasia of endothelial cells and intercapillary cells. This then will cause lack of blood and oxygen of kidney and then damages glomerulus and other renal issues. So glomerulus can’t filter extra water and sodium out thus will form retention of them.

What’s more, the permeability of capillary increases and it can induce the retention of water and sodium in tissue spaces. Then swelling happens. Why do you have glomerulonephritis?

This is because you have disorder in your immunity during a period and then streptococcus invade your body. Streptococcus and antibody have immune reaction and then cause deposition of immune complex in endothelial cells and intercapillary cells of glomerular capillary. Then you will have many symptoms especially edema. Know more information, you can leave us a message below.

How to treat edema in glomerulonephritis? We have one efficient therapy for you. It is Immunotherapy.


Immunotherapy is a therapy which treats disease by using immune system to induce, enhance, suppress immune response. Here are three steps of this therapy.

*Let patients adapt immune complex depositing in their kidneys and accommodate injured inherent cells.

*Make regular infusion of immunosuppressive drug for patients. Renal function can be improved by gradual infusions.

* Take monitor of patient’s condition and make whole plan for them in order to ensure the validity of treatment.

By active treatment, it is easy to alleviate swelling since damaged glomerulus and other renal issues can be improved so glomerulus can filter water and sodium out of kidney.

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