How to Improve Renal Function to Avoid Dialysis

How to Improve Renal Function to Avoid DialysisWhen kidney disease develop into advanced stage, nearly all the renal function has lost, patients have to choose dialysis or kidney transplant to maintain their life. So, how to improve renal function to avoid dialysis?

Hot Compress Therapy

It is the most effective therapy. It combines traditional herbal medicines and modern medical technology and equipment.

During the treatment, patients need to lie on the bed, two bags filled with shattered medicines will be put under the patients’ back, then, with the help of permeating agent and osmosis machine, the effective medicines can be penetrated into Shenshu externally.

It avoid the side effects of oral drugs, and the medicines can be absorbed by patients adequately. Most importantly, through improving blood circulation, dilating blood vessels, repairing the damaged tissues and cells, providing nutrients for injured kidneys, renal function can be improved effectively, so, it is possible to avoid dialysis.

In addition, all the medicines are from nature, they can not do harm to body. And the cost is reasonable, most patients can afford. During the course, patients can listen to the music or sleep, it is a comfortable and effective method. If you want to learn more details about the way, send to

Stem Cell Therapy

The therapy is the most advanced. During the treatment, healthy stem cells will be infused into body through intravenous injection, and the stem cells have regeneration potentials, they can promote the production of normal immune cells in order to rebuild a normal immune system. In this way, renal function can be enhanced from root, and patients can get rid of dialysis.

Besides, the method especially fits to end stage renal disease, it has the ability of self-renewing and multiple differentiation of other tissues.

After the above analysis, we believe you have learned a lot. If you want to know more treatments to improve renal function and avoid dialysis, leave a message below, we are glad to help you.


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