Weight Loss in Dialysis: Causes and Treatments

Weight Loss in Dialysis: Causes and TreatmentsMany kidney disease patients may ask: Why is weight loss common in dialysis? Follow me to find the answer.

Dialysis is the artificial process of eliminating wastes and extra fluid from the blood, which can work as kidneys to a certain extent. However, dialysis can cause many side effects, such as, weight loss, so, how does it occur?

*During the course of dialysis, massive nutrients can be discharged out of the body via fluid, such as, sugar, protein, sodium and so on. However, these substances are necessary to maintain the life, so, once there is insufficient useful substances, weight loss may occur.

*In addition, between dialysis sessions, much water will be removed out of the body, and severe water deprivation may lead to weight loss. Besides, if dialysis is kept at a fast rate, this abnormal sign can also occur.

The above are possible causes of weight loss in dialysis patients. Then, are there some effective treatments?

Hot Compress Therapy

The core purpose of the therapy is to improve renal function. During the course, patients can lie on the bed, two bags filled with effective medicines will be placed on their back, by improving blood circulation, repairing damaged tissues and cells, renal function can be enhanced gradually. Once renal function is improved, patients can get rid of dialysis, thereby, weight loss may not occur.

In addition, this method is harmless, convenient and comfortable. If you are interested in it, send an email to kidneyfight@hotmail.com.

Besides, supplying some nutrients is also helpful to relieve the symptom. Patients can take some high-quality protein, such as, milk, eggs, lean meat and so on. They should also take fresh fruits and vegetables to supply vitamin.

After the above analysis, if you still have doubts about weight loss in dialysis, please leave a message below.

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