How Can High Creatinine Level Patients Go without Dialysis

How Can High Creatinine Level Patients Go without DialysisWe all know high creatinine level is a troublesome problem for patients, the main doubt is whether they can get rid of hemodialysis, next, we will give you the answer.

Before answering the question, let’s learn why high creatinine level occurs.

Creatinine is a product of muscle activities, it can be filter out of the body and discharged by healthy kidneys via urine. However, when kidneys are injured, GFR (glomerular filtration rate) will decline, creatinine and other waste (toxins, extra fluid, etc) may not be excreted, which will cause creatinine accumulation in kidneys, so high creatinine level appears.

How can patients with high creatinine level go without dialysis?

Hot Compress Therapy is a new method to treat high creatinine level. Compared to dialysis, it is natural, painless and no side effects. It combines traditional herbal medicines and modern medical technology, during the course, patients just need to lie on the bed. With the help of osmosis device, two bags filled with medicines are put under the patients’ back, the medicines can be absorbed by lesions.

By restraining the proliferation of epithelial cells, changing the condition of ischemia and hypoxia, reducing the secondary pathological changes, the medicines can delay the progression of renal damage, and improve kidney function remarkably. If renal function is enhanced, the illness condition will be improved, there is no need to receive hemodialysis. If you want to know more details, send an email to

Medicated Bath is another featured method, under the guidance of traditional herbal medicines, dozens kinds of medicines will be made into Medicated Bath liquid. During the progress, patients can accept foot bath or whole body bath. Because skin has functions of secretion, penetration, absorbing, so according to Medicated Bath, the effective components of Chinese medicines can be made full use of. Most importantly, the medicine can promote blood circulation, expel toxins, reduce the occurrence of high creatinine level, so the method can also avoid dialysis.

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