Circle Therapy

Circle TherapyIn recent years, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has become more and more popular from all over the world, especially from kidney disease patients. Circle therapy is one of important part of TCM, which has been proven it has great medicine effects in treating kidney diseases.


Circle therapy can draw out poison from body applied with Chinese medicines.

Medicines applied in circle therapy

Based on the characteristics and the vortex theory in nature, circle therapy can draw out the toxins from blood.

The types of Chinese medicines vary from different kinds of toxins in body. Based on patients’ specific conditions, different types of Chinese medicines will be applied.

For cold-dampness, Chinese medicines which can draw out the evil of cold-dampness will be used. For the evil of dampness and heat, the according Chinese medicines will be applied.

Action principle

Meridian theory in Chinese medicine and feeling technology can help find the reactive area of diseases on skin.

On the specific reactive area, gyrate circle is drawn continuously with specific Chinese medicine.


Circle therapy is applied a time per day. Spiral-shaped circle is drawn for five times on the certain skin area.

Every course of treatment lasts about 7 days.


Patients with skin allergy are not allowed to apply circle therapy.

The therapy is not available to people with injure ulceration.

Pregnant women are not allowed to use the therapy.

Keep warm and air container keep off in summer

The circle of medicine should not be left on body for too long to avoid skin injure.


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