“Four One” Therapy in Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute

“Four One” Therapy in Tung Shin Tang Kidney Disease Research Institute

Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital has about 30 years history, which mainly focus on treating various kidney diseases. We have formed our unique and curative treatments to help more and more patients with kidney disease live high quality life without dialysis. Do you know what is “Four One” therapy? Welcome to contact our online doctor for free.

The detailed therapies are introduced as followed:

1. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

It is not a simple herb, but a medical procedure in which different Chinese herbs are used externally to improve kidney condition. Compared with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy works more effectively and quickly. What is more, it causes no discomforts and during the whole treatment process, what patients need to do is to lie on the bed for 40 minutes.

Some active ingredients in these herbs can activate injured kidney intrinsic cells and help them get recovered effectively through strengthening their self-curative ability and supplying them necessary nutrition.

2. Oral Chinese Herbal Medicine

We have hundreds of secret recipe for renal failure. We will prescribe different kinds of oral medicine based on the individual condition. The function of oral medicine is to discharge toxin from blood, at the same time it can also improve appetite, adjust the patient physical condition and discharge the toxin from body rapidly. After a period of time, appetite improvement, sleep problem relief and breath smooth.

3. Foot Bath

Foot bath can improve blood circulation of feet. The hot water has the function of expanding blood vessels in the feet and increasing the temperature of skin. In this way, it can promote blood circulation of feet and the whole body.

Moreover, due to the increase of blood microcirculation, foot bath is able to regulate endocrine function which promotes endocrine glands to secrete various hormones. And these hormones can all promote metabolism.

4. Maikang Mixture

It can help to reducing blood fat, anti-thrombosis, anti-aging, improve the blood rheology indexes, enhance immunity, promote the synthesis of serum proteins and nucleic acids, anti-inflammatory and so on.

Maikang Mixture is helpful for the treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease. In our hospital, it is the necessary medicines for the treatment of this disease.

From the above we know what is “four one” therapy for treating kidney diseases in Tung Shin Tang Kidney Disease Research Institute. If you are interested in these therapies to help treat kidney disorder, you can leave message below or send email to us.

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