Latest Treatment 2013 for Kidney Disease

Kidneys work to remove the waste products and excessive water and cleanse the blood of toxins. When kidneys cannot function well, toxins and extra fluid build up in the body. It makes the patients sick, become swollen, fatigue and hard to breath. Dialysis and kidney transplant are conservative treatments for kidney diseases. Good news is that experts find latest treatment 2013 for kidney disease which can help kidney disease patients to live a full life without dialysis or transplanted kidney.

What Are the Treatment Goal of Kidney Disease?

Why is dialysis or kidney transplant necessary? Because kidneys cannot work well. Dialysis can help remove the toxins in the blood, which our kidney do naturally. Kidney transplant can help replace the damaged kidney to work. Thereby, the treatment goal of kidney disease should focus on the damaged kidneys and improve the kidney functions. When the kidneys can work functionally, they can remove the waste products naturally and dialysis or kidney transplant can be prevented. How to repair the damaged kidneys? You can find the answer in the latest treatment 2013 named biotherapy.

Latest Treatment 2013 for Kidney Disease

Biotherapy, is also known as stem cell therapy, which can help improve the damaged kidneys to improve kidney functions.

There are many different types of stem cells that come from different places in the body or are formed at different times in our lives. These include embryonic stem cells that exist only at the earliest stages of development and various types of ‘tissue-specific’ or ‘adult’ stem cells that appear during fetal development and remain in our bodies throughout life.

Biotherapy for kidney disease uses specific stem cells which are injected into patients. And the stem cells will develop into healthy kidney cells, which can replace the failed cells to function and remove the waste products from the body.

Different conditions needs different types of stem cells. You can send your medical report to and we are glad to estimate the stem cells based on your own medical condition.


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