How Immunotherapy Treats Kidney Disease

A great many treatments are used for treating Kidney Disease but with poor results. If no effective treatments adopted by us, ESRD will soon visit. Immunotherapy is put into use for treating Renal Failure or other kidney diseases and could help retrieve renal function as much as possible.

What is Immunotherapy and why is it effective?

Immunotherapy is an effective way of modifying or treating disease by influencing the immune system. It works for reinforcement of one’s body defense mechanisms to help fight against diseases. The therapy is extremely effective for those immune diseases, kidney disease, for example, is one of the typical group of immune diseases.

Data collected reveals that no less than 95% of the kidney disease is some kind of immune disease, meaning the causes are immune complexes. Difference is different kidney disease is induced by different immune complexes deposit. Take IgA Nehpropathy for example, the disease is caused by the immunoglobin A deposit in glomeruli causing inflammation, proliferation and scarring eventually. Hence in IgA Nephropathy, the immune complexes are the combination of IgA and antigens. This is what we should clear out.

Since we have known that Immunotherapy is right for treating Chronic Renal Failure, how does it work?

The whole Immunotherapy consists of six steps:

How Immunotherapy Treats Kidney DiseaseStep 1, scientific tests

The tests include routine and special tests which aim at finding out where the damages are and how serious the disease is. Only if we make this clear can we treat it specifically and correctly. (See our special tests)

How Immunotherapy Treats Kidney DiseaseStep 2, blood purification techniques (immune clearance)

Blood purification techniques will be used to remove the toxins and wastes from blood in order to create a favorable internal environment. Actually, immune clearance runs through all the rest steps. Plasma exchange, hemoperfusion, hemofiltration and immunoadsorption etc. could effectively eliminate toxins and wastes, controlling the disease in shortest time and win time for further treatments.

Step 3, blocking the overactive immune reaction

Deposited immune complexes will trigger immune reaction so as to clear those foreign matters out. However, in people with abnormal immune system, the reaction couldn’t stop once is triggered. In step 2, Immunotherapy could block the further damages by stopping the over-reaction. In addition, the medicine, dose, duration and others will be pinpointed benefiting by scientific tests.

Step 4, immune tolerance

As its name indicate, in this step, the Immunotherapy aims at helping our body to face the fact that immune complexes in kidneys, thereby, stop the attack temporarily to buy some quality time for later treatments.

Step 5, Immune regulation

Immune complexes will be cleared out in this step, what we adopted is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. The therapy works for invigorating blood circulation and increasing blood flow. More importantly, the special matters of this therapy could unite with the immune complexes and being removed out through blood circulation.

How Immunotherapy Treats Kidney DiseaseStep 6, Immune protection

Hormones, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Stem Cell Therapy play key roles in step 6. They work together to repair damaged kidneys, retrieve lost kidney function and make recovery happen.

We have the introduction of every detailed step of Immunotherapy. If you are interested in them, check it here. Or an easier way, you could consult our online doctor for them directly!

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