FAQ: Stem Cell Therapy and Various Kidney Diseases (Season 3)

1. What kind of people is suitable for the Stem Cell Therapy?

Generally speaking, there is no limit for the people who are more suitable for the treatment. Stem Cell Therapy, however, is proven to be effective for treating various kidney diseases.

2. Is there any chance that the injected stem cells being rejected?

Yes, although rare, it happens. This is because everybody shares a different physical condition, and responds diversely to the Stem Cell Therapy. Good news is stem cells we adopted have a low immunogenicity, for this reason it is pretty unlikely to be rejected by the body because they are hardly to be recognized by the immune system. The patients will be closely monitored after receiving the treatments in order to prevent any possible situations from happening.

3. Is there anybody who is assigned to take care of me?

Certainly, we provide one to one service. Your assigned nurse will take charge of all your needs. Different from other hospitals, our doctor on duty will be there 24 hours per day. You don’t need to worry about that. Any emergency happens and our doctors will be there immediately.

4. What should I expect from the Stem Cell Therapy?

It may need some time for the stem cells to function in your body. Therefore, significant changes probably won’t occur in the first two month after injection, 3 to 6 months may be enough to see the noticeable improvements. There is no such thing as a fixed time, but is more convincible varying from person to person. Our doctor will give you a possible time after evaluating your illness condition and physical condition comprehensively.

5. Will it necessary to come back to China receiving further treatments?

We strongly recommend that but it’s all your choice. The patients will receive several injections during the hospitalization, but it may not be enough. That’s why further injections will be necessary and helpful for patients’ recovery. We have a follow-up system; those staffs constantly remind of patients’ medications and illness condition. If patients decide to get much more significant improvements, further treatments for the kidney disease can be decisive.

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