Indian Patient with IgA Nephropathy Received Stem Cell Therapy in China

IgA Nephropathy (Berger’s disease) is a worldwide primary Glomerulonephritis. The disease is characterized by recurrent episodes of gross blood in urine and often accompanied with upper respiratory tract infection. It occurs with microscopic hematuria with or without protein in urine. Additionally, Berger’s disease is characterized by mesangial deposit of IgA and a wide range of lesions if taking renal biopsy. Usually, the disease progresses slowly over months or years with no symptoms, while on other cases, the illness condition enters into ESRD shortly within several months.

I had one patient from India a year ago, who lives with IgA Nephropathy for years. He thought he knew well regarding the disease and failed to attach much attention to it. Unfortunately, his disease condition progressed rapidly to Chronic Renal Failure with unknown reason. The patient realized Stem Cell Therapy may be able to save him from dialysis and received the stem cell injection in India. Truth is, he didn’t get what he paid, because at first he thought the stem cell center, by contrast, could save him a great deal of money. All he received was one type stem cell with not much strong differentiation ability. Before those stem cells even began to function in his body, he got flu. What are the consequences? All efforts were ruined. To make things worse, his illness condition quickly entered into CKD Stage 5, also called ESRD (End-stage Renal Disease) and making dialysis inevitable.

The patient sought treatments from our hospital afterwards. After he admitted and was diagnosed, blood purification was arranged for him. This is for clearing out the toxins and wastes from the blood and created a more favorable internal environment. Dialysis, whatever hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis could only remove those micro-molecule toxins but is unable to get rid of middle and macromolecular substances. Due to IgA Nephropathy is kind of immune kidney disease, there are many immune complexes deposited in kidneys impairing tissues and organs. Since dialysis focuses on removing micro-molecular toxins such as creatinine, it fails to eliminate others. The patient, actually, can’t get significant improvements even through years’ dialysis.

In our hospital, however, we adopt more advanced as well as thorough blood purification techniques to solve this problem. Plasma exchange, hemofiltration, hemoperfusion and others aim at discharging greater molecular metabolic products. After the internal environment is created, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Stem Cell Therapy are closely followed. The complete set of therapies was used and this Indian patient got great improvements. With our therapies, he required no dialysis and his GFR increases noticeably. Adhering to our therapies, he was finally able to live a quality of life.

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