FAQ: Stem Cell Therapy and Various Kidney Diseases (Season 2)

1. What does a typical Stem Cell Therapy consist of?

A typical Stem Cell Therapy may consist of the following steps: the stem cell mobilization, harvesting, isolation, cultivation, injection and post care. Firstly, the patients will be arranged to run some tests so as to help diagnose. Secondly, the illness conditions will be elevated and then a personalized treatment plan is chalked out by our topnotch nephrologists for every single patient. Thirdly, other therapies are often adopted to clear out the toxins and wastes from the blood and other featured therapies are used to treat kidney disease. Fourthly, Stem Cell Therapy finally is used to repair and regain the decreased kidney function. Fifthly, the patients who received stem cell injections are arranged in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) for no less than 3 days since this period is vital to the success rate and needs intensive care.

2. Is it painful or something?

The stem cell injection we adopted is injected through the vein. It is non invasive procedure which requires no stitch and dissection. Therefore, it feels just like intravenous infusion.

3. Is this Stem Cell Therapy available in my country?

It depends, but definitely not same as ours. Here I sincerely suggest you do not choose private clinics to perform the injection, because it could be fatal. A report before revealed that a woman died from stem cell injection in a private clinic in Thailand. Stem Cell Therapy is novel as well as hard to handle, not random clinics can do it and ensure you a good result. It is especially truth in some Indian clinics, they ask for a pretty low price, you thought it is a real bargain. Truth is, you may get your money back, but lose your chance to get your life back. Only the device, experts, advanced lab tests and post care service could ensure you a best possible outcome. Think about it.

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