FAQ: Stem Cell Therapy and Various Kidney Diseases (Season 1)

1. Why need my detailed information as I consult?

First of all, the information we asked has nothing to do with your private life, just some questions about your illness condition and family history. We strongly suggest the patients to send their medical report so as to tell if Stem Cell Therapy is right for the sufferer. Your lab tests and identity will be kept confidential without your permission.

2. What should I do if I decide to go to your hospital?

First things first, get your visa. Prepare yourself some clothes to wear in China (If you don’t know the climate in Zhengzhou, China, ask the online doctor). Send your test reports to our nephrologists so as to arrange your further treatment plan. Adjunctive therapies will be adopted before using Stem Cell Therapy.

3. How can I be sure that I will receive the highest levels of treatments?

First of all, our nephrologists are topnotch across the whole country. Secondly, our stem cell center has treated more than 1,000 patients per year. (Find patient experiences here to realize how they recover). Thirdly, other adjunctive therapies could boost the therapeutic effects of stem cells. (Know why it is important, click here!)

4. Can you guarantee a 100% cure?

No, we don’t promise, we just try our best. Actually, no treatment could deliver you a fundamental cure and save you from your kidney disease. Any kind of “cure promise” is so untrue. Although we couldn’t promise you a cure, we do promise the best possible outcomes for your illness.

5. Why is your Stem Cell Therapy different from others?

Due to our unique as well as featured treatments, you could access to novel and emerging kidney disease, such as PKD, Renal Failure, FSGS or diabetes not available elsewhere.


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