Why Is Our Stem Cell Therapy Expensive than Others

Stem cells are used to treat various kidney diseases and in some patients, have received excellent results. All those attract people with Renal Failure, PKD, FSGS, Diabetes and other kidney diseases to try Stem Cell Therapy. They are usually confused with the price problem: why your stem cell therapy is much expensive than other stem cell centers? Why do you think I should choose yours?

Patients choose whatever the hospital or stem cell center because of its treatments and service. Of course, price matters, but only under the conditions that exact same stem cell therapy you received. After hearing me out, we would figure it out all by yourself.

Why Is Our Stem Cell Therapy Expensive than OthersThe therapeutic effects of stem cell therapy depends on the following aspects, they are:

1. Number of stem cell you received—80 million to 100 million is the amount we injected for patients. Larger than any other stem cell center. The sufficient amount ensures a better chance of success rate to some extent. We will get what you pay.

2. Type of stem cells—we use not one, but multiple. The current five types of stem cells are used. Researches have proven that embryonic stem cells are able to regenerate any other cells, tissues or even organs, but with high controversy. Other types couldn’t work as well as embryonic stem cells but can differentiate into functional cells. That’s why multiple stem cells are necessary.

3. Adjunctive therapies—those treatments are obtained exclusively by us and not accessible elsewhere. Why should other treatments be adopted anyway? This is because just stem cell therapy is far from enough; other adjunctive therapies should be used to boost therapeutic effects. Take this for example, Renal Failure patients often experience high levels of wastes accumulating in their body, stem cells or any other treatments won’t work under such a hostile internal environment. Therefore, clearing out the toxins and wastes should always be the first as well as vital step.

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