Immunotherapy: A Cure for Kids with Childhood IgA Nephropathy

Immunotherapy: A Cure for Kids with Childhood IgA NephropathyChildhood IgA Nephropathy (IgAN, Berger’s disease) couldn’t be subdued as easily as we thought. The disease develops in both children and adults. It progresses to Chronic Renal Failure or even ESRD in several years in some cases. At that time, dialysis and kidney transplantation would be the few options left for them.

Before you realize the treatments of childhood IgA Nephropathy in children, you should know the disease in the first place.

Childhood IgA Nephropathy is caused by a protein (namely immunoglobulin A) deposit in mesangial area or capillary loop. The deposition impair the filtering parts—glomeruli, and thus account for the occurrence of IgA Nephropathy.

Seven major types of the disease are isolated heaturic pediatric IgAN, isolated albuminuric child IgAN, albuminuria and hematuria of IgAN, the disease symptomized as acute nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and rapidly progressive nephritis.

Immunotherapy is the right choice to treat the IgAN since the disease is immune disease. Immunotherapy deals with the disease through six indispensable steps, after six steps are finished, the disease can be treated or even corrected. Before doing anything, running some tests to tell what kind of kidney disease you have is a pretty wise choice. This is because the kidney diseases are easily to be mixed up with each other; besides, mild symptoms or no symptom at all makes the diagnosis even harder. Therefore, accurate test reports are definitely needed. Further measures can be taken after realizing the disease well by our tests reports. Clearing out those deposited immune complexes and other harmful substances in the blood are the essential for further treatments. To some extent, it lays the foundation for further treatments. Immune blockage, immune tolerance, immune regulation and immune protection are the following steps. Each step has different therapeutic results and couldn’t be skipped. Immune blockage is to block the overactive inflammatory reaction and avoid unnecessary damages anymore. The fourth step—immune tolerance is to force the body to accept the fact that we have to live with immune complexes for a while until they are removed from the blood. This step means a lot because it could stop the further damage coming from repeated inflammatory reaction as well as those complexes. Regulation and protection are the last two important steps. All the steps before are prepared for those last two. Whether the damage can be repaired, the lost kidney function could be retrieved all see the outcomes at this time.

Fortunately, as long as the patients adhere to our treatments and have faith in themselves, there stand a chance that their childhood IgA Nephropathy can be cured or at least, stop its progression to ESRD. by this way, to dodge the dialysis or kidney transplantation. By adopting Immunotherapy, the kids are able to enjoy their childhood just like any other kids.

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