Treatment for High Creatinine Level after Dialysis

Treatment for High Creatinine Level after DialysisHigh creatinine level and dialysis treatment can be very common things for kidney disease patients. In most countries, when creatinine level increases to a certain degree, local doctors will recommend dialysis treatment. Here we will talk about treatment for high creatinine level after dialysis, and we do believe it can be helpful.

It is a fact that dialysis treatment can help kidney failure patients eliminate toxins and wastes to reduce creatinine levels and relieve other symptoms. However, for some patients, creatinine level is not that easy to be reduced. In that case, we introduce you other treatment options for high creatinine level.

Why not try Chinese therapies? In our hospital, Chinese therapies include oral Chinese herbal medicine, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, medicated bath, foot bath, etc. Compared to western medicines, they can play special functions including extending blood vessels, improving blood circulation, eliminating immune complexes and blood stasis, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, degradation, offering kidneys nutrients and offering kidneys nutrients. These functions can gradually help repair kidney damage and recover renal function.

We do believe it is easy for you to understand that high creatinine level will be naturally reduced with the recovery of renal function, right? Also, dialysis times will be reduced. If patients react to Chinese herbal medicines well, they can even stop dialysis treatment. We have so many such successful cases, and hope you can become one of them.

As a patient on dialysis, you should know that your urine volume will become less and less with the dialysis treatment. In that case, the treatment effect of Chinese therapies will become less and less obvious, that is because the blood flowing to kidneys become less and less.

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