What to Know about Immune Blockage

The third step of Immunotherapy is immune blockage, which is closely followed after immune clearance, just as its name indicates, is to block the overactive inflammatory reaction from happening; furthermore, once inflammatory response is stopped, immune complexes from continual deposition will be restrained too. Consequently, the further damages to kidneys can be repressed accordingly.

In order to understand the immune blockage, one must first realize the cause of kidney disease. Overactive inflammatory reaction can be blamed for root cause of kidney disease. Overactive inflammatory response doesn’t occur in all the people, it only develops in people with abnormal immune system. That’s why some people develop the disease while some not. Those inflammatory responses won’t stop in people with disordered immune system; as a result, repeated reactions induce kidney damages and account for the deposited immune complexes.

The routine treatment is to inject powerful immunosuppressants to suppress its reaction. Those drugs, however, could inhibit the inflammatory reaction, but fail to deal with those already deposited ones. Those already deposited ones impair the kidneys anyway.

Immune blockage solves the overactive inflammatory reaction in the first place, and thus wipes off the self-damaging problem. To stop the inflammatory response means a lot to the further treatments. Why? This is because pains relieves once the blockage is stopped, so does the self-damaging. Consequently, protein leakage, symptoms and immunity rebuilding gets relieved and disappeared accordingly.

What are the approaches we use for immune blockage?

Hormones are adopted to treat kidney disease as always. Additionally, other immunosuppressants such as medicines for rheumatoid arthritis, leukemia and others are used to deal with the disease too. Those medications are proven to be effected with treating kidney diseases. Monoclonal antibody drugs are also adopted selectively. By adopting those medications, the immune blockage could achieve its therapeutic effects to the fullest.

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