Immune Tolerance: Fourth Step of Immunotherapy

Immune tolerance is the fourth step of Immunotherapy. It comes closely after immune blockage and lays a foundation for the next immune regulation. As its name denotes, this step works for forcing the body to accept the fact that immune complexes have already deposited on the kidneys and thus, to stop the overactive inflammatory reaction.

As long as the immune complexes deposit, kidney damage would occur sooner or later. Inflammatory reaction develops in order to protect the damage. With the abnormal innate immune system, overactive inflammatory reaction attacks and instead of removing those harmful substances, it impairs one’s healthy tissues or organs. A large number of immunosuppressants will be used to treat the reaction, which by the way, just focusing on dealing with symptoms and failing to treat root cause—the immune complex. The overactive inflammatory reaction won’t be stopped as long as the deposit of immune complexes ongoing happens.

Immune tolerance is proposed at this time to force the kidneys to accept the fact. What kind of fact? I. e. harmful substances have already deposited on the kidneys and unless you are ok with it, there’s no other way to change the fact. Only if the body accepts the fact, no further inflammation reaction will occur. Consequently, further damages can be stopped.

How to realize?

Firstly, we build a long-term monitor system to ensure every single patient is taken care of. Most importantly, we will infuse some certain immunosuppressive agents at fixed period to make sure their inflammatory reaction won’t develop.

Secondly, observe different patients’ different inflammatory reaction in order to record the times and severity of those responses.

Thirdly, detect the immune complexes during the treatment of immune blockage to tell their therapeutic effects and recovery.

Immune tolerance is a technique which is pretty hard to master, which means that the inflammatory reaction would develop as long as immune tolerance exists. That’s why we should pay serious attention during the treatment. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask out! Our online doctors are here to provide FREE advice all the time!


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