Know about Immune regulation

Immune regulation, the fifth step of Immunotherapy, is proposed on the basis of immune tolerance. In this very step, traditional Chinese medicine is fully taken advantage of, and makes combination of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) and WM (western medicine) come true.

Why is immune regulation proposed on the basis of immune tolerance?

Before explaining this question, one should make immune tolerance clear. Immune tolerance, as its name denotes, is to force the body to be ok with the fact that immune complexes deposit on kidneys. Immune tolerance makes one’s healthy tissues and organs live with harmful substances´╝î which can be achieved in a short time, but hard enough in a long run. The regulation would fix it.

But how?

Immunosorption and hemoperfusion is far from enough, since those two therapies could remove the immune complexes in the blood but get nowhere to those deposit in kidneys. Plus, western medicines fail either. Under such circumstances, Micro-Chinese Medicine emerges as the times require. This is because two different types of medicines have their own features or characters, explaining why they are good at treating disease in different ways.

Functions of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy are:

Lower down the high blood pressure

Most of the patients would sweat during or after the treatment

The excreta in urine increases after receiving Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Reduce the protein leakage in urine, and thus foamy urine begins to decrease accordingly

The patients report that they feel all comfortable after the treatments

How Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy do the job?

Traditional Chinese medicine is famous for its certain functions, for instance, promote the blood circulation and dissolve stasis. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy removes the immune complexes by this way.

Why is it called immune regulation?

It is different from western medicines, and couldn’t take effect right away; instead, it requires a long time treatment. As a matter of fact, this is same as restoring the immune system just like western medicines declares. In short, immune regulation treats kidney disease through restoring one’s immunity and disease resistance.

What should pay attention to?

Immune regulation could be adopted by vast majority of patients with kidney disease. In a word, as long as immune complexes exist, the regulation should be adopted. Besides, immune inflammatory reaction always comes with the deposit of immune complex, so does the regulation. The medicines should be changed from time to time. Follow-up is vital too. Last but not least, do have confidence with your treatments, and try your best to fight for your lives!


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