A Brief Introduction of Immune Clearance

Immune Clearance is the second step of Immunotherapy. it plays an essential role in the application of Immunotherapy because the step 2 is the basis of further treatments. Only Immune Clearance has been performed well, the further treatments could work well; the possible best outcomes can be achieved then. Today I will give a comprehensive introduction of this.

Here’s a question first: why we think highly of Immune Clearance?

To answer this question, one should better know the kidney function in the first place. Then what are kidneys for? The core function of one’s kidneys is to filter the toxins and metabolic products from the blood, and excrete them through the urine. By this way, it could keep people healthy. The buildup of wastes and toxins in human body occurs when the kidneys fail to function properly. Those toxins and wastes linger in the body causing various serious diseases. Immune Clearance, at this time, is able to help the damaged kidneys to discharge harmful substances, by this way, to reduce the damages coming from those toxins.

What will be removed from the blood by this technique?

All those toxins and harmful substances as well as immune complexes should and will be eliminated by Immune Clearance . Generally speaking, those substances include low-molecular, medium molecular substances and macromolecules. (see what are those substances refer to, click here.)

What are the techniques?

The clearance is one of the blood purification techniques. The techniques are hemodialysis, hemofiltration, immunoadsorption, hemoperfusion, plasma exchange, LDL apheresis, biological filtration and leukocytapheresis etc.

What are the advantages?

1. It could protect kidneys as well as relieve the symptoms

2. It is able to stop and reduce the incidence rate of suffering from other organs or tissues damages. It is especial beneficial to avoid the damages in heart and brain.

3. It delivers us the best possible therapeutic outcomes

4. It is a kind of advanced therapy for treating kidney disease, and represents our actual strength as well as features.

Any questions of Immune Clearance? Feel free to ask our online doctor. It’s our pleasure to help! 


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