Alternative to Renal Transplant for End Stage Renal Failure Patients

Is there an alternative to renal transplant for end stage renal failure patients? Perhaps the answer will be No in most countries, however, in China, it is Yes. Now follow us to learn more about end stage renal failure treatment options.

When condition develops end stage renal failure, it means patients only have less than 15ml/min of GFR. In that case, kidneys cannot work normally, various of toxins and other harmful substances accumulate in the body, also various of complications may appear, so the quality of patients’ life is greatly affected. Here, we will not deny that a successful kidney transplant can really help patients live for 10, 20 or even longer life. But the fact is that not every patient is that lucky to receive such an operation. Due to some other severe illness conditions, some patients are not suitable for kidney transplant, what is more, some cases like FSGS, lupus nephritis or IgA Nephropathy usually have high relapse rate after kidney transplant. So, other treatment options for ESRD must give them new hopes.

For patients on end stage renal failure, as long as they can still produce some certain amount of urine, it means there still has blood flows to kidneys, in that case, we have confidence to help avoid renal transplant effectively with recovering renal function.

Nowadays, in the clinic, alternatives to renal transplant refer to those who can save kidneys through repairing kidney damage and recovering renal function, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and stem cell transplant. Remember that if you are trying your best to avoid renal transplant, we can help.


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