Reduce Creatinine 4.4 with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

What is the best treatment to reduce creatinine 4.4? If you are a kidney disease patient with high creatinine level, you may be only treated with western medicines and healthy diet in your local country. If so, do you know what the final result will be? Your creatinine level will become high and higher, when condition develops kidney failure, dialysis or kidney transplant will be required in the near future. However, do not worry too much, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can bring you new hopes.

Creatinine 4.4 is much higher than normal range of creatinine and it tells the condition has already been in stage 4 chronic kidney disease. You should know that creatinine 4.4 and any other high creatinine levels are caused by kidney damage and impaired renal function. So, the best way to reduce creatinine 4.4 and other creatinine levels is to help kidneys work again, while Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is doing like this.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a new development of Chinese herbal medicine, but used externally. Kidney disease patients need to lie on the bed, two bags filled with processed Chinese herbal medicines are put under the lower back of patients. Osmosis device will help the active materials of Chines herbal medicines directly arrive at kidneys through permeating into skin and then the medicines will be taken to kidneys by blood flow. Chinese herbal medicines are expected to play functions of anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, degradation, extending blood vessels, improving blood circulation, removing blood stasis and immune complexes out of body, offering kidneys nutrients and promoting DNA replication of damaged kidney inherent cells. These special functions will help gradually repair kidney damage and recover renal function.

There is no doubt that creatinine 4.4 will be naturally reduced with the improvement of kidney function, and the most important thing is dialysis will be effectively avoided. If having any questions, feel free to contact us.


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