Medicated Bath Works for Treating Kidney Disease

Medicated bath plays on the idea that skin is the third kidney which can help eliminate wastes and metabolic products from human body. Skin can be used to treat Kidney Disease as one’s kidneys failed.

Why skin?

Skin is the largest organ throughout the body. It can not only protect us, but also is able to absorb, permeate, perceive, secrete and excrete. The therapy is based on those features use to remedy Kidney Disease. In short, the features of skin are the basis of this treatment.

Three major mechanisms of the bath:

1. Percutaneous absorption

The active ingredients enter into cells through cell membrane of stratum corneum.

Macromolecular and water-soluble substances are absorbed through pore and sweat pore.

The active substances permeate into the derma through intercellular space of epidermis.

2. Hydration

Hydration urges the pore to open and promotes the penetration and diffusion of medicines.

3. Reflection principle

Lots of autonomous nerve endings and special sensors distribute in the skin. Those nerve endings will be activated due to the Medicated Bath. The reflection takes part in a series of regulation, such as immunoregulation, neuroregulation and humoral regulation. The bath could also promote the immunity and premonition and combat Kidney Diseases.

The therapeutic effects of Medicated Bath

Promote the blood circulation

Encourage the metabolic products to be eliminated

Regulate the kidney function by receiving the therapy

Enhance one’s immunity and allay the tiredness

Improve the quality of sleep

Seven formulas of our Medicated Bath

1. 10 TCM (traditional Chinese medicine)—works for dilating blood vessels and eliminating toxins from the blood

It can be used to treat nephritis, Chronic Renal Failure, End-stage Renal Disease (ESRD) and some other patients who suffer from Chronic Kidney Disease for a long time.

2. 10 TCM No.1—works for lowering the blood sugar, fat, high blood pressure and shedding pounds.

The medicines can be used to correct hyperlipemia, high blood sugar and Diabetic Nephropathy.

3. 10 TCM No.2—works for reducing urea acid and anti-rheumatic. It can be applied to treat hyperuricemia, rheumatic disease and gout kidney.

4. 10 TCM No.3—used for relieving the itching and releasing the toxins. This TCM can be used to remedy allergic skin, purpura and lupus.

5. 10 TCM No.5—this is specially for children. It can treat children nephritis and nephrotic syndrome.

6. 10 TCM No.6—aiming at treating blood in urine. It is applied to correct IgA Nephropathy and Kidney Disease patients with blood in urine

7. 10 TCM No.8—aiming at dealing with protein in urine. It is suitable for those who have nephrotic syndrome or patients who live with heavy protein in urine.

Any questions about our Medicated Bath, welcome to consult!

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