Side effects of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Patient’s question: Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is your main recommendation for kidney disease. But my question is that are there any side effects of the Osmotherapy?

Expert’s answer: patients are told that almost every treatment has some kind of side-effect, of course, include traditional Chinese medicine. To make things worse, some traditional Chinese medicines are well-known for their nephrotoxicity. It’s true. Since the nephrotoxicity of the Chinese medicine, no matter what kind of medicine or treatments we use, to rule out those which impair one’s kidney function is vital. It is no easy at all, and only nephrologists can do the job well. Therefore, all the ingredients of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy are carefully selected to allow us delivering patients the fewest side-effect treatments as best as we can. We have treated too many patients with various kidney diseases, and this Osmotherapy works as the basic as well as adjunctive therapy to boost the major therapies’ therapeutic effects. In cases of Nephrotic Syndrome, this traditional Chinese medicine is used as major therapy. Of course, some certain western medicines will be adopted but only those with fewer adverse effects are chosen.

If you still have no idea what Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is, please do read on.

This very treatment is different from the traditional Chinese herbal medicine, not only because the therapy has no nephrotoxicity but also because it adopts the essence of Chinese medicine and modern technique. The Chinese herbs are superfinely shattered into powder and packaged in the small sack. By the aid of modern osmosis device, patients just need to lie down on the two sacks attaching to renal regions, and permeation of medicine by vibration indirectly controlled by electron pulse and the ingredients can be permeated into the renal lesion efficiently. “It feels just like a message!” said one of our patients after receiving the treatment.

Top four effects stemming from the treatment are:

▪ Dilating the blood vessel and thus promoting the systemic blood circulation

▪ Anti-inflammation

▪ Anti-coagulation and thus prevent the happening of clotting

▪ Stop the progression of kidney fibrosis and degrade the ECM (Extracellular Cell Matrix)

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