Immunotherapy: A Second Opinion for FSGS

Immunotherapy: A Second Opinion for FSGS FSGS, also known as Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis, is not a single disease but a histologic pattern of kidney damage. It is rarely seen as the disease affects kidneys’ filtering units—glomeruli and accounts for the scarring. FSGS is the leading cause of nephrotic syndrome across the world. Although the causes of Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis are unknown, this disease usually leads to Renal Failure or ESRF making dialysis or kidney transplantation inevitable.

Choosing an appropriate therapy for patients with FSGS is important. It is because the therapy plays an essential role of stopping the disease from progressing to Renal Failure. Treatments of the disease are often associated with nephrotic syndrome. Routine treatments include: following a low-sodium diet, avoiding nephrotoxic medications and taking ACE inhibitors. The immunosuppressive drugs, sometimes, are used, but not suitable for everybody.

Following a low-sodium diet and taking ACE inhibitors help reduce the blood pressure, decrease protein leakage and protect the kidneys from further damages. Avoiding nephrotoxic medications keep the patient from potential damages. The immunosuppressant doesn’t safe for everyone, that’s why it should be used with caution.

Immunotherapy is used to treat FSGS in Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital for years, and more importantly, it achieves significant success already. The Immunotherapy we adopted is not a single therapy, but multiple. There are six steps of Immunotherapy, they are:

Firstly, diagnosis

Accurate diagnosis, as everybody knows, is essential to the further treatments. Our special tests obtain exclusively by us and this is why we make the difference. (Don’t miss our special tests:

Five Immunoassays Detecting Techniques)

Secondly, immune clearance

Immune clearance is critical for the later treatments. Two reasons are:

1. The toxins linger in the body and damage not only the kidneys, but also other organs. Consequently, kidney disease and other complications occur.

2. Only after a favorable internal environment is created, the medications and therapies can work well. Otherwise, any terrific drugs or treatments are difficult to achieve the therapeutic effects.

Our immune clearance mainly includes: dialysis, hemofiltration, hemoperfusion, plasma exchange, LDL apheresis and immunoadsorption etc. Plus, our dialysis center equips with topnotch blood purification machines, for example, iQ21.

Thirdly, immune blocking

Novel as well as high-potency medicines will be adopted in this stage not just hormone. We use not just hormones, but add medications of treating autoimmune disease; plus, some of the monoclonal antibody drugs are adopted selectively.

Fourthly, immune tolerance

Fifth, immune regulation

Sixth, immune protection

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Stem Cell Therapy are used in the last three steps. The former one is able to dilate the blood circulation and the later one aims at repair and restore the kidney function. Those two approaches can help regain one’s lost kidney function as much as possible.

One thing requires your attention is that our Immunotherapy should be used conjunctively so that the therapeutic effects and best possible outcomes can be achieved. If you are interested in the therapy or have any question about your illness condition, do feel free to ask our on line doctor! Have a nice day!

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