Stem Cell Therapy: What Are Patients’ Most Concerned Questions

Do you give injections to decrease the immune system? In case you do, is that treatment also necessary after the transplantation?

Due to the low immunogenicity of our stem cells, it won’t be necessary for the patient to take anti-immune rejection medicine after the stem cell injection. Together with the Stem Cell Therapy, T-reg cells (kind of immune cells) are often transfused in order to boost and regulate the immunity.

From which organ you extract stem cells and how many times you apply them?

Our umbilical cord stem cells are extracted from umbilical cord blood, while due to the widespread of mesenchymal stem cells, they can extracted from the almost everywhere.

What thus it mean and is there some therapy after transplantation? If there is, how long thus it take?

Our treatment plan is alternative. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Stem Cell Therapy and Immunotherapy are parts of the treatment plan. These combo treatments worked great together and can help the patient get the possible best outcomes.

Our stem cell therapy usually takes 3 or 4 times to receive injection. Well, it depends and need the doctor to schedule. In view of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, it is used as an adjunctive therapy here in your son’s case, 45 per time and 3 times per day. The herbal medicine helps dilate blood circulation and boost the kidney function. With the aid of this traditional Chinese medicine, the therapeutic effects of stem cells can be made a fully display.

What are the risks and complications?

The common complication coming from Stem Cell Therapy is the elevated body temperature. It can be controlled and lowered down to normal level after right medicines. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is one approach good at boosting the therapeutic effects of stem cells.

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