How to Treat Lupus Nephritis in SKDH

Renal Failure is the primary cause accounting for the death of SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) patients. People with SLE often suffer from varying degrees of renal damages and that’s why SLE is responsible for the occurrence of Lupus Nephritis, and mainly caused by the deposition of immune complexes. Those immune complexes can deposit on mesangial region, subendothelium and subepithelium etc.

The routine treatments for Lupus Nephritis are hormones and immunosuppressant. Those drugs are the major medications used to treat Lupus Nephritis (LN). Certainly, they deserve our recognition; however, the dreadful side effects and their high reoccurrence also daunt us.

In order to avoid those unnecessary adverse effects, we develop our onw featured approaches for LN.

First, understand the disease before taking any treatment.

Lupus Nephritis is not just a kidney disease, but a kind of systemic illness. The disease is closely associated with the immune complexes in blood as well as the amount of some certain antibodies.

Focusing on the features of this disease, Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital (Huaxia Hospital) adopts the most advanced blood purification techniques. They are: plasma exchange, lipid purification, cell clearance treatment, immunoadsorption and blood perfusion etc.

Substantially, plasma exchange is to exchange the harmful substances from the blood. The current approach is adopting healthy plasma to replace the patients’ plasma. Lipid purification eliminates the low density lipoprotein from the human body to improve the hyperlipemia.

The advantage of blood purification:

1. To protect the kidneys effectively and relieve the harmful substances in kidneys.

2. To block and alleviate the damages to circulate to other organs and tissues. It is able to reduce the incidence rate of brain failure, and by this way, the complications coming from the kidney disease can be avoided.

3. To clear the internal environment for the further therapies such as stem cell therapy or other medication therapy.

Immune clearance is one of the most advanced as well as effective treatment for dealing with kidney diseases. Due to its character, it is especially effective on coping with the SLE and Lupus Nephritis. More importantly, it has the fewest adverse effects compared with other current therapies.

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