Why Choose Immunotherapy to Treat FSGS

FSGS is an intractable kidney disease and accounts for more and more cases of ESRF (End-stage Renal Failure). Due to the high mortality caused by the disease, Immunotherapy shows up as the novel treatment for dealing with the disease.

FSGS (Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis) is one of the most serious diseases of Nephrotic Syndrome. The disease is characterized as scarring affecting the filtering system (glomeruli) and resulting in the leakage of heavy protein in the urine. The kidney function decreases resulting from the disease, meanwhile, the medical condition usually progresses in the pretty rapid speed. Due to the rapid progression and serious consequences, plus, no effective treatments for the disease, make the disease hard to deal with.

How FSGS happens?

The exact cause is unknown yet, but immunological is believed the root cause of the disease. That is, the antibodies and white blood cells we have to fight off infection cause some damages to our own bodies by mistake. That’s why Immunotherapy is just the right choice for FSGS.

Immunotherapy, as its name denotes, is a treatment for disease by inducing, enhancing and suppressing the overactive immune response. In a word, the therapy takes advantage of one’s own immune system to fight against various diseases; for example, cancer, kidney disease and other autoimmune diseases.

The therapy works in several ways:

The therapy stimulates one’s own immune system to work harder or smarter to attack the harmful substances.

It provides certain nutrition to your body, for example, protein.

The therapy works to boost one’s own immune system or train them to attack the bad ones instead of good ones.

It functions better when used together with other treatments, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Stem Cell Therapy.

When one develops FSGS, he or she will be recommended Immunotherapy in Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital. The therapy is specialized to treat immune system as well as immune complexes. By the six steps of this therapy, the immune complexes in kidneys or blood circulation will be discharged from the blood and the body. No more immune complexes deposit, so no further kidney damages has been posed. Interested in detailed information of immunotherapy? Welcome to consult our on line doctor.

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