Stem Cell Therapy: One Step Closer to the Kidney Repair

Stem Cell Therapy, although not accepted by all the people around the world, it is still the most latest as well as effective therapy for treating many kind of kidney diseases. In many countries such as China, Mexico and Australia, Stem Cell Therapy is adopted to treat disease and has received significant therapeutic results.

Those stem cells are the original cells in human body. The very first stem cell exists in embryo and then differentiates into the later cells, tissues, blood vessels, muscles and organs. Due to the ethical issues, embryonic stem cells are highly controversial all over the world. However, there are many other types of stem cells, what we adopt are umbilical cord stem cells and mesenchymal stem cells. No ethical issues at all.

The entire procedure is performed using the latest technological equipment and most advanced medical standards and practices. The entire procedure includes mobilization, harvesting, isolation, analysis, concentration, injection and post care. All the process is totally in accordance with the quality control tests. After the stem cells are ready, they will be injected into the human body by intravenously. This is the most non-invasive way, which requires no stitch, dissection or tissues manipulation; it has no pain at all.

After the injection is completed, they need some quality time to grow and work in your body. Although sometimes the cells give therapeutic results one or two month later after the injection, in most cases, it still need 3-6 months to take effect. Even after the Stem Cell Therapy is done, some basic and adjunctive therapy is still needed. This is because the its therapeutic effect is closely associated with the stem cell numbers, types, one’s own kidney function, physical condition and following therapies after the injection. Before and after the injection, favorable internal environment should be kept, which allows the cells function well in the body.

As for the rejection or mismatch, our umbilical cord stem cells have no surface antigen and no immune or rejection from the body. What’s more, umbilical cord stem cells obtain a much better regeneration potential. Good results are documented in Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital for kidney disease. Wanna know details? Don’t hesitate to chat with our live customer service.

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