Can Stem Cell Therapy Reverse Diabetes

Diabetes, also called Diabetes Mellitus, has become a worldwide healthy problem all around the world. The disease causes serious complications, for example, stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure, Chronic Renal Failure, diabetic foot and diabetic eye disease etc. those complications can be as serious as requiring amputation and threaten one’s life security.

There’s no effective treatment yet which can correct Diabetes completely. The current therapy focuses on controlling the high blood sugar and then avoids all those complications from happening. If one’s high blood sugar fails to be controlled good, then there’s no way we can prevent the life-threatening complications from happening.

Injecting insulin is the most common treatment used for dealing with the high blood sugar. Taking medications is the other approach. Those medications such as hypoglycemic agent, insulin secretagogues, insulin sensitizer, and reduce the source of glycogen etc.

Since all those treatments focus on lowering one’s high blood sugar by taking pills or other ways—meaning that one couldn’t keep his or her high blood sugar in check as long as forgetting taking medications someday. Is there any treatment able to reverse Diabetes one-for-all?

The answer is positive. Yes, of course there does—Stem Cell Therapy can do the job excellently.

Diabetes Mellitus develops due to damaged pancreas. The disease happens as one’s body fail to use or properly process food for use as energy.

Stem Cell Therapy plays on the idea that stem cells can differentiate into many other types of cells, tissues and even organs. Due to the very characters of stem cells, they are able to travel to those damaged parts of the body after injected intravenously. Then the brain and body will signal the stem cells some kind of incentive signals. Consequently, those cells begin to grow and differentiate into the needed functional cells, tissues, blood vessels, pancreas, to name a few.

Additionally, the cells work as controlling one’s immune system from attacking one’s own cells, tissues, and organs etc. anymore. In other words, it can suppress the overactive immune complexes from depositing in the kidneys and then causing unnecessary inflammation and damages.

More importantly, stem cells are able to divide into similar beta cells and then repair one’s damaged pancreas after injecting into the body. What’s more, stem cells promote the combination of islet receptor and lower the resistance of insulin. All in all, those cells control the high blood sugar and then reverse the Diabetes fundamentally.

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