Treatment Options for High Creatinine Level

Many people with kidney damage can get high creatinine level. What is creatinine? How does high creatinine affect your life? What are the options for it? Let us learn it together:

Creatinine is the metabolic waste coming from our muscles. When the kidneys get damaged, the creatinine can’t be filtered out and will cause high creatinine. High creatinine means bad substance accumulating in your body and can lead to many diseases such as hyponatremia, hypernatronemia and edema, etc. These will cause much pain to patients.

How can we treat high creatinine?

Micro-Chinese Medicine osmotherapy

The basic treatment is to recover the filtration ability of glomerulus. One of the effective therapies is Micro-Chinese Medicine osmotherapy. This is an innovative therapy of Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital. It depends on the abundant clinical practices of 20 years and has been proved to be active and convenient.

The mechanism of this therapy is to repair damaged inherent renal cells and functions by expending vessels, avoiding inflammation and coagulation. When the medicine takes effect, your high creatinine level will be affected to go down.

Here the steps of this therapy:

Firstly, grind the effective medicine ingredients to make the best use of it.

Secondly, make external application by using certain penetrants and equipments to permeate effective parts of medicine into focus of kidney.

Another therapy is diet treatment.

You should avoid food which contains too much salt. Your volume of salt intake needs to below 3g/day. You are not suggested to have diet with high phosphorus such as seafood, pluck, sesame, peanut and yolk, etc. High potassium foods are also forbidden, for example onion, pumpkin, eggplant, apple and some dried fruits.

Alcohol and coffee are bad to your body so they are banned, too.

We suggest you keep your diet light and eat more vegetables and fruits for example cabbage, cucumber, lettuce, carrot and so on.

Your intake of protein should be in a certain level in order to maintain your basic physical function. Protein with high quality is needed such as milk, egg white, lean meat, etc.

Balance between exercises and rest can help you decrease your high creatinine level, too.

These two measures are the options to treat high creatinine. Micro-Chinese Medicine osmotherapy is the main method while diet therapy is an assistant measure. As long as patients obey the doctor’s advice and take control of their food, their high cretinine will recover to normal level after a while.


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