How to Treat Renal Anemia in Kidney Disease

How to Treat Renal Anemia in Kidney DiseaseRenal anemia, a common symptom in people with kidney disease. If left untreated, the degree of anemia will aggravate correspondingly. Well, are there some effective treatments?

Actually speaking, the onset of anemia has close connection with shortage of Erythropoietin(EPO), toxins within the kidneys, low levels of iron, folic acid and so on.

Well, how to treat renal anemia in kidney disease?

The application of EPO By intravenous or subcutaneous injection, patients can feel much better than before. The effective dose can be 50-150U/kg, and it can be adjusted every 2 to 4 weeks;

For those on hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis, the recommended starting dose is 100-150g/kg each week. And the curative effect will be achieved in 2 or 4 weeks. After 8 to 12 weeks, the target value 100-120g/L can be attained.

Dialysis Both hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis are helpful for the management of anemia. Relatively speaking, the efficacy of PD is much better.

Injection of male hormone Intramuscular injection of male hormone can help produce enough EPO, in this way, this abnormal sign will be alleviated.

Generally, 4 weeks later, there will be obvious therapeutic effect.

Supply new blood In chronic kidney failure, when there is severe anemia, especially myocardial ischemia or heart failure, nephrologists may supply patients with low-dosage of fresh blood.

Hot compress therapy At Tung Shin Tang Kidney Disease Kidney Hospital, this treatment is highly recommended. It combines the essence of traditional Chinese medicine and modern technology perfectly.

By expanding blood vessels, reducing inflammatory response, anti-coagulation and providing nutritions for the impaired kidneys, kidney function will be alleviated fundamentally. Once renal function is enhanced, symptoms like anemia will be alleviated effectively. If you wanna know more about it, please chat with our online doctor to get a satisfied answer.

If you are suffering renal anemia with kidney disease, do not hesitate to seek for treatments as early as possible.


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