Hematuria is A Sign of Kidney Disease

Hematuria is A Sign of Kidney DiseaseHematuria means excessive pictures presenting in urine, which is a primary sign of Kidney Disease. However, not all cases of hematuria are caused by the kidney damages.

Hematuria Causes

People can get hematuria for many reasons. The more common causes are:

- bladder infections

- mineral imbalances in the urine, like too much calcium

- defects in the structure of the urinary tract

- Kidney Disease

Besides, other factors can also cause hematuria, including vigorous sports, certain medicines side effects, menstruation etc. Very occasionally, what looks like hematuria might be something else. It's possible (though unlikely) that things like food dye, beets, or certain medications can make a person's urine look red.

If you have hematuria for more than 3 days, you are suggested to take further diagnosis. For detailed test lists, you can email to kidneyfight@hotmail.com for a free reply. Whether your hematuria means a kidney disease, you can read on and find the detailed information.

Hematuria is a Sign of Kidney Disease

Kidneys are renal filters which work to filter the blood throughout the whole body. When they work well, they can remove the waste products and excessive water from the blood and keep the useful substances, including protein and red blood cells, in the blood.

When kidneys are damaged, red blood cell or protein may leak out, causing hematuria or proteinuria.

If you have the following risk factors, your hematuria may be a sign indicating kidney disease.

- hypertension

- family history of kidney disease

- diabetes

- obstruction

- dehydration

If you have one risk factor mentioned above, you are suggested to consult a nephrologist or consult our free online service.

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