What is The Latest Treatment for Proteinuria Caused by Kidney Disease

Proteinuria means there are extra protein presenting in the urine. Certain patients complains that conservative treatments fail to prevent the relapse of foamy urine. Read on and find the latest treatment for proteinuria caused by Kidney Disease?

Proteinuria and Kidney Disease

Protein is the necessary substance to keep our alive, which exists in the blood. Kidneys work known as “renal filter”, which filter the blood throughout the whole body.

During the renal filtration, kidneys will remove the waste products and extra water and keep the useful substance, including protein, red blood cells etc, in the blood. When kidneys are damaged, the kidneys cannot work well. As a result, the waste products will build up in the blood while the useful protein or red blood cells may leak out. It causes proteinuria or hematuria.

Thereby, to control and prevent the relapse of proteinuria, the key is to repair the damaged kidney tissues. Latest treatments for proteinuria caused by kidney disease can help achieve this goal.

Latest Treatment for Proteinuria Caused by Kidney Disease

After years’ of research, TCM experts established a new therapy based on Chinese Herbal Medicine, which is named as “Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy”. It has been applied in clinic for 27 years and even helped patients to get rid of Dialysis.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an external application, which avoids the bitter taste of TCM therapy. Due to different medical condition, TCM practitioners prescript different herbal formula for patients. It uses certain herbs which have the natural ability to repair the damaged kidneys and improve the filtering ability of glomeruli.

When glomeruli (renal filters) can function more, the protein will leak out less and proteinuria will be alleviate spontaneously. What are the suggested herbs list for your proteinuria? Leave your medical conditions below and we are glad to give you a reply within 48hours.

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