Top 7 Symptoms of Kidney Disease

Top 7 Symptoms of Kidney DiseaseAs the early signs of kidney disease are very subtle, many people who have kidney disease don’t realize it for years. See the top 7 symptoms of kidney disease below.


Failing kidneys don't remove extra fluid, which builds up in your body causing swelling in the legs, ankles, feet, face, and/or hands. David, a patient with CKD has said:”Going to work one morning, my left ankle was swollen, real swollen, and I was very exhausted just walking to the bus stop. And I knew then that I had to see a doctor”.


When kidneys work well, they can produce erythropoietin, which can help the body to make red blood cells. When kidneys are failed, EPO production will become less, which causes anemia. Weakness and fatigue are the common symptoms of weakness.

Itchy Skin

A major cause for itchy skin in CKD patients is high phosphorus level in blood. Kidneys, in normal conditions, work to remove the excessive phosphate in blood. When kidneys cannot function well, the phosphate will build up in blood.

Back, Flank Pain

Back, flank, stomach pain is a condition in which you may experience different kind of pain, such as dull pain, sharp pain, burning bain in your back, flank, stomach etc. These symptoms can be indications of kidney disease.


Insomnia is caused by difficulty falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep or waking up too early in the morning. Insomnia affects an estimated 30-70% of people with CKD.

Muscle Cramps

Cramps can reoccur multiple times in a single episode before they subside. In some instances cramps can be observed as visible distortion of the muscle and muscle twitching beneath the skin. It was reported that muscle cramps occured in 35%~86% of Dialysis patients.

Protein in Urine

Protein in the urine is a warning sign. It may indicate kidney damage or disease or it may be a transient elevation due to an infection, medication, vigorous exercise, or emotional or physical stress.

If you have more than one symptoms of Kidney Disease, you are suggested to take further diagnosis as soon as possible. You can leave us a message or contact our free online service and we are glad to send you the recommended test list.

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