Early Symptoms of Kidney Failure

As kidney failure shows no obvious symptoms in the early stage. Many patients may have already developed into the advanced stage, when they are diagnosed with this problem. Thereby, realizing the early symptoms will means a lot in delaying progression of kidney failure.

What Are The Early Symptoms of Kidney Failure?

Kidney failure usually shows some symptoms that are not specific and this is why kidney failure is not easy to be noticed. If you have more than 2 of the following symptoms, you are suggested to take further tests of kidney failure.

● high blood pressure

● hematuria (excess blood in urine)

● thirst and a dry mouth

● feeling dizzy when you stand up

● rapid heart rate

● proteinuria (excess protein in urine)

● little or no urine output

● feeling confused, anxious and restless, or sleepy

● loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting

● back pain, flank pain, side pain

● swelling, especially of the legs and feet

As the early symptoms of chronic kidney failure are not specific, it is hard to attract patients’ attention. Thereby, if you have the family history of kidney disease or you suffer from diabetes, or high blood pressure, you are suggested to take blood test and urine test. If the test shows one of the following abnormalities, you are suggested to consult your doctor as soon as possible.

● High level of parathyroid hormone

● Hypocalcemia (low blood level of calcium)

● Hyperphosphatemia (high blood level of phosphate)

● Low plasma pH (blood acidity)

● Low blood level of bicarbonate

● Hyperkalemia (high blood level of potassium)

● Anemia (low red blood cell count)

● Hyponatremia (low blood level of sodium)

Besides the common tests, some special tests help to find the kidney damage, even at the very early stage, such as:

Kidney Damage Test

Blood Toxins Test

Immune Test

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