How to Treat Foamy Urine

Foamy urine is commonly seen in people with kidney disease, especially accompanying with nephrotic syndrome patients. Foamy urine occurs as a result of heavy proteinuria. It aggravate one’s illness condition; what’s worse, too much protein leakage would lead to hypoproteinemia and threaten one’s life security.

In order to reduce the amount of protein leakage, one must realize why protein would leak. Protein is present in the blood and only be filtered trace amounts into the urine because the protein molecules are too large for the glomeruli. Therefore, large amount of protein leakage in urine is anything but normal.

Due to its large molecule, the protein leakage signals the impairment of charge barrier, so does the basilar membrane of glomeruli. Current western medicines focus on reducing the protein leakage. The therapy is able to stop the leakage for the time being, but fail to repair the root cause of proteinuria—the impairment of basilar membrane. What will happen once the medicines are stopped? The albuminuria attacks again without medications. That is, just focusing on dealing with symptoms won’t work, but repairing the basilar membrane is the right move.

Since western drugs gets nowhere, is there any other treatments can do the job? Yes, of course. Immunotherapy solves the problem one at a time. Immunotherapy is a comprehensive concept including Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Stem Cell Therapy, blood purification techniques and medicated bath etc. Among all those therapies, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is known as lowering high blood pressure, dilating blood circulation, providing nutrition and repairing damaged kidneys. Stem Cell Therapy plays on the idea that stem cells could differentiate various functional cells to replace or repair the impaired ones. However, it is absolutely not that easy to achieve to the results, and needs other adjunctive therapies to support stem cells.

In Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital, those treatments are used to treat various kidney diseases and have already achieved good results. If you are interested in our success rate or want to have a look at patients’ story shared here, feel free to chat with our online doctor.


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