Why People with Diabetes Are Prone to Experience Sweet Taste in Mouth

“I have a very sweet taste in mouth, even in the morning or after a nap. It’s everywhere. But I haven’t eaten anything sweet, for God’s sake. I ate dinner at 7:00 and now it’s 11:15 am. Steak, 1/4 of baked potato, salad and vinegar are all I took. Has anybody experienced this yucky sweet taste? Can anybody help me please?”

Sweet taste in mouth happens and annoys some people. They are confused by the taste and don’t know why. Maybe I can explain why it happens, but just for those who live with Diabetes.

Apart from all other influencing factors such as candy, ice cream and chocolate, Diabetes may be responsible for the persistent sweet taste in mouth. Why? Four reasons can explain: one is the blood glucose (or called blood sugar, same thing.) has been elevated because of the disease. Blood sugar increases in saliva represents the sweet taste in mouth. Secondly, poorly controlled blood glucose result in diabetic ketocidosis, which means the body couldn’t use glucose as a fuel because there’s no or inadequate insulin. Instead, the fat is used for fuel. Consequently, the byproducts called ketones buildup in body and lead to the sweet taste in mouth. Third reason for the annoying taste is the poorly-controlled Diabetes triggers neuropathy, in which the nerve that regulates the sensation of taste is impaired. It can also cause the sweet taste. Last but not the least, some medicines, sometimes, cause the taste. Those drugs can affect one’s taste sense and decrease the secretion of saliva.

Fortunately, No matter Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes, there stands a big chance that they can be reversed or even cured by treatments. The most effective therapy for the disease is Stem Cell Therapy. Stem Cell Therapy plays on the idea that the stem cells are able to self-renewing and differentiate in vivo to produce the beta cells—the islet cells that produce insulin. By regenerating and replace the ill ones, the islet cells can function well all again. Stem Cell Therapy has been proven to be more effective for Type 1 Diabetes relatively. If your kids suffer from the disease, or someone you love is tortured by the very disease, do try Stem Cell Therapy.

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