Be Wary Of Anemia for Renal Failure Saudi Arab

From a local newspaper in Saudi Arabia reported that the doctors here warmed their patients with Renal Failure watch out anemia.

Anemia is one of the most common complications inducing by Renal Failure. Besides, it is one of the most serious ones too. Anemia caused by kidney failure is also called Renal Anemia, affecting 90% of the Renal Failure patients. Renal Anemia is triggered by failed kidneys, right, but what about a detailed explanation? The occurrence of this complication is due to the deficiency of vitamin D3 and enzyme rennin.

Is anemia serious? If so, how should I prevent?

Anemia means people have low red blood cells. Those cells are responsible for carrying oxygen to the tissues, organs throughout the whole body. Without sufficient red blood cells, the body is not only easily tired, but also unable to use the energy. Consequences coming from the anemia are pale face, heart problem, and fatigue and so on.

Renal anemia is hardly prevented. This is especially true in people with Renal Failure or other kind of kidney diseases. This is mainly because EPO (erythropoietin) are produced by kidneys, which stimulates the bone marrow to produce red blood cells. Bingo, get it? After knowing the close relationship between kidneys and anemia, is there any approach for you to prevent it from happening?

Anyway, there are some way can correct the complication. Such as, supplement EPO and iron.

EPO shots works for dealing with renal anemia. However, patients on dialysis may not tolerate this shot and may require other approach. Wanna know why and how should they do? Ask doctor on line.

Another treatment is to supplement iron. Sometimes, taking iron pills work, while reports reveal that it won’t work for those with Renal Failure. So those people still need to inject the iron through their vein.

Okay, that’s pretty much what i am gonna say. Due to the complicated illness condition from people to people, treatments vary. Any confusions? Feel free to ask help!


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