Frequent Urination in Kidney Disease, Night, Night!

Frequent Urination in Kidney Disease, Night, Night!Frequent urination at night may signal you some kind of kidney disease or even Renal Failure. A long-term frequency of urination requires your serious attention and need examination and also further treatment.

Frequent urination happens to anyone. The frequency of urination refers to the amount of urine doesn’t exceed 750ml/12hr, and the urination at night is no more than one third of the total. The symptom is closely connected with kidney disease. What’s more, it reports some kind of heart, endocrine disease and other kidney diseases. Normally speaking, this symptom occurs as the following conditions:

A. Physiological increased night urination

In view of this condition, it is mainly caused by drinking too much fluid before getting into bed. Tea and coffee are both diuretic. Avoiding drinking too much fluid before sleep can help resolve the symptom.

B. Chronic Kidney Disease or Renal Failure

Frequent urination at night is the earliest symptom of kidney problem. It results from the decreased kidney function, especially reminds us of the damage of renal tubulus. It is hard enough to find out the where the problem is by just detecting serum creatinine, urine analysis and ultrasonic B for the time being. This is one reason responsible for the misdiagnosis of Renal Failure or early kidney disease.

C. Cardiac insufficiency

People with cardiac insufficiency experience increased nigh urination because the blood flow increases after they lie in bed.

D. Endocrine disease

The typical disease is diabetes or diabetes insipidus. Those patients suffer from increased urine output not only in the daytime, but also at night.

If you suffer from frequent urination at night, you’d better talk with your doctor about your concern and confusions. Due to the powerful compensatory ability of kidneys, it is hard to tell if you have Renal Failure only after 50% of the kidney function has been damaged. But it is late to reverse the medical condition and lead to the Renal Failure or deaths.


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