Foamy urine and swelling in kidney disease

swelling, kidney diseaseFoamy urine, also called albuminuria, often appears in people with kidney disease. Meanwhile, swelling develops as a result of albuminuria. Usually, they come together as one. Whatever the foamy urine or swelling, they can be used to indicate some kind of kidney disease, if there do have some.

What are the causes of albuminuria and swelling?

Albuminuria results from massive protein leakage in urine.

As for swelling, two reasons account for its occurrence.

One is the massive loss of protein in human body. Massive protein leaks into the urine resulting in hypoproteinemia (low levels of albumin in blood). Hypoproteinemia refers to the decrease of albumin concentration in the blood, so does the blood volume. Consequently, your brain will signal the body to retain salt. Excessive salt retention leads to Swelling.

Another cause is the malfunctioned kidney function. Swelling forms because the impaired kidneys fail to remove sodium from the body. That’s why people with Kidney Failure will develop swelling anyway.

After knowing the causes of swelling, the treatments are easily to be realized.

For the first illness condition, protecting protein from leaking is the key point. But how?

Taking tests and get diagnosis

This is the first principle. Before making any moves, you should always make your illness condition clear, and then the right treatments can be given.

Limit the patients’ salt intake

Eating too much salt is anything but making things worse. Restriction of salt consumption is pretty necessary.

Taking certain medications to treat the edema, those drugs can be ACE inhibitor drugs or angiotension receptors.

As for the second condition, repairing the damaged kidney function is a priority for all. Only the impaired function has been restored and regained, the edema subsides accordingly.

Just for your information, swelling or foamy urine is just the symptoms of some Kidney Disease. They are able to send you signal and urge to go for an early detection as well as timely treatment. Please notice your urine and physical changes so as to detect the disease in the very early stage.

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