Foamy Urine and Kidney Disease: Causes and Treatments

Foamy Urine and Kidney Disease: Causes and TreatmentsFoamy urine, also called frothy urine, bubbly urine, appears in everybody’s urine every day, if you notice. We don’t care much about the urine because it is a way behind commonplace. However, from the urine we do find something useful. Kidney Disease can be found too.

After realizing the importance of urine, then what are the causes of foamy urine?

Dehydration is one cause accounting for the bubbly urine. Due to the dehydration, one’s urine becomes highly concentrated. Consequently, the frothy urine occurs as one urinates. Please note that dehydration is serious condition if left untreated, also, it is responsible for the occurrence of Acute Renal Failure.

Urinary tract infection is another cause of frothy urine; this is especially common in women because they are more prone to suffer from urinary tract infection.

Last but not the least, massive protein (called proteinuria) leaks to urine as a result of some kind of Kidney Disease, for example, Nephrotic Syndrome or Diabetic Nephropathy. Kidney Disease causes proteinuria (albuminuria) due to the close relationship between kidneys and urine. Kidneys are in charge of secreting and excreting urine, so any changes or damages in your kidneys, especially in glomeruli, urine changes would occur. It requires timely treatment if one develops proteinuria. Otherwise, serious consequences or even Renal Failure would occur.

How to treat proteinuria?

To correct frothy urine, one should treat the underlying causes. But before doing anything, tests and correct diagnosis should be conducted. When the frothy urine induced by dehydration, then supplement water or other fluids. If the bubbly urine is induced by some kind of Kidney Disease, then dealing with the disease from root cause is helpful to stop the leakage of protein and then correct the foamy urine. Besides, different kidney diseases have different treatment plan.

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