Can Renal Failure with Creatinine 5.0 Be reversed

Can Renal Failure with Creatinine 5.0 Be reversedFor renal failure patients, according to the damaged degree, there are three kinds of kidney innate cells: the scarred cells, the injured cells and the remaining cells. For the scarred cells, no one can give them a rebirth, but there are some ways to cure the injured cells. Creatinine 5.0 means that the kidney function of renal failure patients is less than 40%, then whether renal failure patients with creatinine 5.0 can be reversed?

Generally speaking, the less the kidney function is, the more difficult the kidney reverse. So renal failure patients should have a timely treatment, so that they have possibility to live a normal life and get rid of the complications of renal failure. Maybe your doctors has told you that you have no choice but to waiting dialysis and kidney transplant. But renal failure patients with creatinine 5.0 can get a effective treatment with our Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Our hospital treating renal failure mainly clean the toxins in blood. We believe that that when we keep the blood flowing into kidney is normal, the damage to the kidney will be stopped and the damaged kidney can be repaired. Our special treatment is “four+seven” treatment.

It includes a bottle of Maikang composition, a dose of oral Chinese herb medicines, a dose of external application medicine and a basin of foot bath medicine. In addition for the reasonable use and absorb the medicine, we developed many ways to approaching these medicines, such as steaming therapy, Chinese edema therapy, Chinese circle therapy, medical bath therapy, foot bath therapy, acupuncture, hot compress therapy. The medicines and therapies work together to promoting the blood circulation and clean the toxins in blood, insuring the blood quality flowing into kidney, so that the ultra immune response can be stopped and the kidney function can be reversed.

In a word, renal failure patients with creatinine 5.0 are still in a reversed period, so you should have a treatment as soon as possible. And if you want to consult more information about your kidney disease or interested in our treatment, contact us online or send email to, we will give you the timely response.

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