Treatment for Skin Inching in Renal Failure

Treatment for Skin Inching in Renal FailureSkin itching is the common symptoms of renal failure, when the kidney are damaged, patients will suffer from problems of electrolyte disorder and some metabolism retention in body. Both of these can cause damage to other tissues, leading to a series of complications. Skin itching is one of them, so renal failure patients who want to get rid skin itching from root, repairing the injured kidney is the most important thing. However, kidney damage is caused by the polluted blood, so cleaning the toxins in blood play the same important role with repairing injured kidney in treating skin itching.

Four kinds of medicines

A dose of external application Chinese medicine: the active substances in it can expend the blood vessel and dissolve the blood stasis in kidney, improving the blood circulation around kidney. At the same time, it can absorb and crash the toxins in blood, then remove them out of body with metabolism. With the improvement of kidney condition, its function also can be promoted.

A bottle of Maikang composition: the main function of it is to promote the blood circulation and decrease the retention of waste.

A basin of foot bath medicine: it also can promote blood circulation and dissolve the blood clots in whole body, keeping the normal blood flow speed.

A dose of oral Chinese herb medicine: it can clean the toxins in blood effectively

Seven ways of approaching medicines:

Steaming therapy: the active substances can enter into body through the expended pores.

Hot compress therapy: it is applied on the kidney (shenshu acupoint), avoiding the lose the medicines effect.

Foot bath therapy: the veins on foot are related with the tissues of whole body.

Medical bath therapy: it works through the skin.

Chinese circle therapy: it is applied on the back of patients.

Acupuncture: according to Chinese medicines, the apupoints of whole body are related with each other, so through stimulating the acupoints related with the kidney, the kidney will give response.

Enema therapy; the Chines medicines are put into the intestinal tract, removing the toxins through defecation.

The medicines and therapies supplement each other, they work together to cleaning the toxins and improve the blood condition. Once the blood in kidney always are normal, the renal failure can be reversed and skin itching can disappear. If you want to know more about our treatment or renal failure, contact us online.


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