How to Lower High Creatinine in Renal Failure Naturally

Creatinine is the most common indicator to show the kidney condition. The higher your creatinine level is, the heavier your kidney disease is. Creatinine is a kind of toxin which can hurt our body. Renal failure patients always suffer from high creatinine and other toxins in blood. But dialysis and some medicines fail to clean the all kinds of toxins and repair the injured kidney and renal failure patients always suffer complications of them, once we stop taking them, the high creatinine will bothered renal failure patients again. What we can do to lower the high creatinine in kidney failure naturally? Patients can have a try our “four+seven” treatment.

What dose the “four+seven” mean? Four kinds of Chinese medicines and seven kinds of ways we approach the medicines. And the medicines are necessary and the approaching medicines ways are alternative.

A bottle of maikang composition: it is a kind of Chinese patent medicine which can clean the stasis toxins effectively and be used on all treatment progress.

A dose of oral Chinese herb medicine: it can clean the stasis toxins, stagnant toxins and turbid toxins. The prescription is different from patients to patients, different time to time. It is adjusted according to the specific condition of patients.

A dose of external application medicine: it is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. The main function of it is promoting blood stasis to remove blood stasis and improving the blood circulation.

A basin of foot bath Chinese medicine: it also can promote blood vessel and dissolve blood clot.

Therapies such as steaming therapy, medical bath therapy, Chinese circle therapy, Chinese medicine enema, acupuncture and so on will be used to treat the kidney disease.

Medicines and therapies supplement each other and external medicine mainly function is unchoke the blood vessel, the oral medicine is cleaning the toxins in blood.

Without a long time, renal failure patients can see the magic effect, their high creatinine is lowered and other symptoms get a right direction. renal failure patients with high creatinine should keep a positive attitude to fight against the disease. If you are interested in our treatment, contact our online doctors or send email to

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