Special Treatment for Renal Failure Patients with High Creatinine

When people are attacked by renal failure, their kidney functions such as excreting the wastes in blood, balancing the water and mineral substances in body, secreting hormones for other functions and so on can not be given full play. The kidney can not work normally, there are many symptoms appearing, for example, when the GFR decreases, the creatinine will get higher. Creatinine is the metabolite of human body which is detained in blood and will cause a series of complications. So renal failure patients with high creatinine need to have a timely treatment for the earlier you treat, the more proper you can recover.

In traditional medicine, renal failure patients have nothing to do at early stage of the disease except for some drugs of reliever symptoms. But without a root treatment for the kidney, finally the patients have to accept dialysis or kidney transplant. However, dialysis and kidney transplant both are not easy things, for example, patients taking dialysis have to spend much time and money and bear the risk of complications, the most important thing is the toxins in blood haven’t been excreted out fully and the kidney hasn’t been repaired. As for the kidney transplant, it can prolong patients’ life, but a suitable kidney source is difficult to get.

Now patients had a best way to treat their renal failure naturally which is developed according to our traditional Chinese Medicine. The systemic treatment include four necessary therapy:

1. A bottle of Chinese patent medicine: Maikang mixture has three major functions, they are yiqi, promoting blood and tongluo which are the best choice for cleaning the toxins in blood.

2. A dose of Chinese decoction of medicinal ingredients: patients need drink the soup medicine of Chinese herbs everyday, and we will adjust the pharmacy and dosage timely according to the patients’ specific physical condition.

3. A dose of external application of Chinese Medicine: Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can promote blood circulation and dissolve blood stasis through the shenshu acupoint.

4. A basin of foot bath medicine: it can improve the blood circulation through veins in foot which are related with whole body.

The four ways supplement each other, forming our special treatment for renal failure patients with dialysis. If you are interested in our therapies, contact us online or leave us messages.


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