How to Lower High Creatinine Level in Renal Failure Naturally

How to lower the high creatinine level ? Which is the most frequent question asked by renal failure patients. The creatinine level is the important indicator of patients’ physical condition, renal failure patients always want to find a way to lower high creatinine, but to their disappointed, expellent drugs, dialysis and kidney transplant torment them a lot.

At the early stage of renal failure, the kidney innate cells have not been hardened completely and there is not other complication with patients except for the increasing creatinine level. But in traditional western medicine’ s opinion, there is nothing we can do for renal failure patients with high creatinine, so the patients only can take some expellent drugs to waiting for dialysis.

The high creatinine of some patients are really lowered after taking the drugs or dialysis, but they can expel toxins only and they do nothing to repair the injured kidney. With the development of renal fibrosis, the remaining nephron will lose the function gradually, which is why your creatinine became more and more higher even you have take some measures to control it.

We should know that creatinine is a toxin which should be excreted out of body with urine. But for the damaged filtration function of kidney, the creatinine are deposited in blood, threatening patients’ life. Patients who want to lower the high creatinine from root must repair their kidney function at first.

Western medicine have good effect on relieve symptoms. With the help of western medicine, patients can suffer less from some complications. But only controlling symptoms is not enough, we must repair the injured innate cells at the same time. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can treat kidney disease naturally. It contains many kinds of rare Chinese herbs which all have the functions of promoting blood vessel and dissolving blood stasis. We can see that the immune complex and toxins are excreted out of body and there are sufficient blood fluid into kidney, gradually the kidney function will be improved and the creatinine could be lowered.

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