Treatment for Anemia in Renal Failure

Treatment for Anemia in Renal FailureAnemia is the common symptom of renal failure. About 90%~95% erythropoietin of human body are produced by the kidney, when the kidney is damaged, the insufficient of red blood cells will occur. Renal fibrosis is the source of all kinds of symptoms, including anemia, so if we want to improve the condition of anemia, we must start from blocking the renal fibrosis. Then what is the effective treatment for anemia in renal failure?

The essence of renal fibrosis is the more and more abnormal deposition of extracellular matrix and the health innate cells became more and more less, gradually the kidney functions are lost. And the progress of renal fibrosis is very complex, there are some key factors propelling the development of the disease: hypoxia-ischemia, ultra immune response, microthrombus, extracellular matrix and so on. Without dispelling these factors, the progress of renal fibrosis can not be blocked and the anemia can not be eliminated from root.

Renal failure patients in our hospital mainly accept the Traditional Chinese Medicines Treatment which includes lavipeditum with Chinese herbal medicine, massage with Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, fully medical bath with Chinese herbal medicine and so on. All of them have the function of cleaning the toxins in body.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is our the most special treatment for kidney disease patients. It contains many kinds of rare Chinese herbs which are rich in active substances. These active substances have the functions of expending blood vessel and dissolving blood stasis. With the improvement of blood circulation, the toxins and the immune complex in blood could be excreted and metabolized. Thus the ultra immune response could be inhibited. And more and more effective blood fluid into the kidney, so that the condition of hypoxia-ischemia could be improved, the injured innate cells are repaired. With the improvement of kidney function, the anemia will disappear finally.

Renal failure patients with anemia all see a magic effect after using our treatment. And the help of our treatment, renal failure patients can keep away from dialysis or increase interval time of dialysis. If you want to know more about our therapy, contact us online or leave us massages.


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