Why the elder are easy to suffer from kidney failure

According to the research, compared with adults, the elder are much easier to suffer from kidney failure. Why the elder are easy to suffer from kidney failure? Now I will explain it to you.

1. Various diseases accompany

Among the elder, the risk of arteriosclerosis is really high. 16%-42%’s coronary heart disease patients are suffering from renal artery stenosis. ischemic renal disease is the main factor of kidney failure. So does diabetic. The rate of acute chronic kidney failure is 3.5-8% higher than younger people. Prostatitis, kidney stone, urocystitis are pilosity among the elder. In addition, high blood pressure, hyperuricemia and heart failure also included.

2. The risks that lead to kidney failure is increasing

Because of the glomerular filtration function and sodium maintain function are declined. nutrition intake insufficient, vomiting, diarrhea, alimentary tract hemorrhage, infection as well as heart failure are also raising all the time. With the GFR decreased, the ability of discharging medicine and metabolic will decline. If the elder drink medicine for a long time, this will also add burden in kidney.

3. The problems of glomerular

Physiological glomerular increases as we get older. And kidney tubules will shrink. The physiological function gradually reduce and concentrate ability will also decline.

For kidney failure patients, effective and timely treatments is the main measure.

Apart from dialysis, recently a series of Chinese medicine therapies are popular among the patients. Immune diagnosis, immune clearance, immune blocking, immune tolerance, immune adjustment, immune protection are included. In summary divided into diagnosis, treatment and protection.

In addition, Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy is the quintessence of Chinese medicine. And used external, it has been proved have the function of expand blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, degradation, promote blood circulation, promote DNA replication of damaged kidney cells, provide nutrition for kidneys.

Now I think you have known the reasons of why elder are easier to suffer from kidney failure. And if you want to know more about Chinese medicine treatments, leave a message below or you can talk with the doctor directly, we will give you a reply as soon as possible.


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