Can Dialysis Cure Kidney Failure From Root

Dialysis can be divided into hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, which aims at cleaning micromolecule substance. Many people regard dialysis as the main measure treating kidney failure and once come into kidney failure, begin to do regular dialysis. But can dialysis cure kidney failure from root?

Absolutely not! As dialysis can only clean the toxins, it cannot stop immune complex from regeneration. So dialysis is just a restrain method, not the treatment. That's the reason why the condition deteriorate with the dialysis prolonging.

The main function of dialysis is cleaning the micromolecule substance in blood, as for molecular and macromolecule substances, plasma exchange and hemofiltration are needed.

In fact, apart from blood purification, Chinese medicine can also achieve this goal.

Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy is widely used in kidney failure, compared with the oral medicine, we create this new way which used external. With the help of osmosis device and patients’ skin, the effective material can get into damaged kidney acting a role of expand blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, degradation, promote blood circulation, promote DNA replication of damaged kidney cells, provide nutrition for kidney. Patients just need to lie in the bed adopting this therapy. They can take this treatment meanwhile talking with friends, surfing the internet, watching TV and so on. It has less side effects than dialysis. What’s more, it can repair the kidney and improve kidney function.

However, before use Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy, doctor will always use blood stasis therapy making a clean environment for treatment, this is also based on traditional Chinese medicine. Cleaning the blood, providing nutrition for body, finally recover the kidney function.

Then we know that dialysis cannot cure kidney failure from root, if you want to know more about kidney disease treatments, talk with online doctor or leave a message below, we will give you a reply within 24hours.what is more these therapies can only be accepted in China, and we do can help you .


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